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Modern facts about Living Water

Modern facts about Living Water

In Russia Soviet cartoons had a concept of life and dead water, with one serving to revitalize and the other to mortify.

According to certain theories, such living water must be Hydrogen. This article reveals some modern facts about Living Water.

The biblical word “living water” appears in both the Old and New Testaments. The prophet Jeremiah identifies God as “the fountain of living water” who has been abandoned by his chosen people Israel in Jeremiah 2:13 and 17:13.

Water that is saturated with molecular hydrogen is known as hydrogen water. Molecular hydrogen has a significant rejuvenating effect on the body, despite the fact that it tastes, looks, and smells like conventional water!

In 2006, the Japanese national team used this water in preparation for the Turin Olympics. At the end of the Winter Games, the team was among the top twenty strongest, demonstrating such high results for the first time. This was the impetus for scientific research which confirmed that molecular hydrogen is the world’s best antioxidant with a wide range of effects and no side effects.

It eliminates active oxidation, prolongs youth and fights “diseases of civilization” — cancer, diabetes, atherosclerosis, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and others.

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