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Nam 1: The most cunning in Forkboyz Series

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Are you a fan of Forkboyz Series? If yes the you probably know all the main casts in Forkboyz by now.

In this article we will look at the most cunning person in Forkboyz Series.

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Almost all the guys in Forkboyz play a deceitful role. Cashiez, Opana, Black Arabian and even Nam 1 the man of the day.

Most Cunning in Forkboyz Series

Nam 1 is the most cunning in Forkboyz Series. Nam 1 whose real name is Habib Sanda started this whole drama.

At the start of the series, Nam 1 was recording himself in a plush mansion with luxurious cars. Soon after the other guys saw his video, they rushed in to live in Nam 1’s house.

That is where he introduced the rule of “Bring your girl and everyone chops.” He has been deceiving women for a long time from the start of the series.

You may argue that Opana is the most deceitful but thats not the case. Opana is a habitual “idiot” in the movie.

Opana vs Nam 1

In the latest season of Forkboyz Series Season 2 episode 8, Nam 1 deceived a friend of his that he is an MP and took some iPhone goods plus expensive Mac Book pro laptops. Opana on the other hand has succeeded in riding people of billions but ends up loosing everything. In one of the episode’s it was revealed that Opana was possessed.

Watch what happenned to Nam 1 after he deceived 3 girls at a go in the video below.

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