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The Truth Behind Dubai & Dog Coitus Business

Sex with dogs in dubai
Sex with dogs in dubai

A few people have shared on social media as witnesses to an inadmissible act that some girls engage in Dubai.

According to multiple sources sighted by Yebekagh, some girls accept offers to sleep intimately with dogs and be paid for it.

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The truth behind Dubai and Dog Coitus business reveals that there’s something girls call “Hookup Pro Max”. In this girls travel to Dubai for Dubai Porta Potty.

The dark side of the event includes all kinds of nasty activities notwithstanding girls sleeping with dogs in Dubai.

Frankstan TV, a popular Nigerian media outlet shared a surprising review of the story of the Dubai and Dog Coitus business.

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The story involves The dark side of wealthy Dubai men. What girls do in Dubai. Nigerian girls sleep with Dogs for money. What girls do for money in Dubai.

One story captured by Gossip24, involves an unnamed lady whose quest to get money just like her colleagues landed her in an unforgettable experience during a fully paid weekend trip to Dubai.

The story highlights some things that goes on in Dubai. Girls who agree to sleep with dogs in Dubai are said to be paid huge sums of money by wealthy men in Dubai.

On trending, this week is a video of a lady who has allegedly been identified as Nigerian. In the video, the lady squats in a doggy position while her dog hits from the back.

The video went viral and then chats and voice audios of people who have had unforgettable experiences in Dubai are widespread on the internet.

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