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What you need to know about 4 Biggest Korean Entertainment Companies

Biggest Korean Entertainment Companies

Here’s what you need to know about the 4 Biggest Korean Entertainment Companies, Big Hit Entertainment, SM Entertainment, JYP Entertainment & YG Entertainment.

Big Hit Entertainment


Bang Si-hyuk founded Big Hit Music in 2005 as a South Korean entertainment firm. In March 2021, its parent firm Hybe Corporation, previously Big Hit Entertainment Co. Ltd., renamed it as Big Hit Music.
BTS is the most popular boy band in the world. They have had a big influence all around the world, whilst other businesses, with the exception of YG Entertainment, are still mostly based in Asia.
The group appears to be well-managed, and BTS does not appear to be mistreated. They pay close attention to every step of the music-making process. Big Hit Entertainment has the following characteristics: good at globalization work, substantial artistic freedom, and innovative thoughts. They are rather well compensated.

SM Entertainment

SM entertainment

SM Entertainment Co., Ltd. is an international entertainment corporation based in South Korea. It was founded in 1995 by Lee Soo-man, a record executive and producer, as one of South Korea’s top entertainment businesses. The ensemble is well-curated, tidy, and just appealing. They go on a lot of adventures while yet being on-trend.

It’s easy to observe that people in SM entertainment have excellent vocal and visual abilities, even if they don’t rap or dance very well (they have enough experts in enough fields, though vocals and visuals definitely shine)

Success is evident almost immediately. Their artists tend to become well-known and well-liked quite quickly (though this in no way diminishes their abilities). Fans get a lot of side-content without it feeling false thanks to the most flexible dating rules.

JYP Entertainment

JYP entertainment

JYP Entertainment Corporation, formed in 1997 by J. Y. Park, is a South Korean multinational entertainment and record label corporation. JYP himself appears to be a funny man, and his mental health appears to be a priority.

JYP Entertainment’s idols appear to be more cheerful and upbeat. They have distinguishing characteristics (such as singing for sm and rapping for yg), but they also have excellent dancing, singing, and rapping skills, and particular groups appear to have distinct foci that are more appealing to foreigners. Compared to the others, she has had far less plastic surgery. Dating does not appear to be a contentious issue. Artists are well-supported and typically protected in times of controversy. Artists may be creatively active and earn high money.

YG Entertainment

yg entertainment

Yang Hyun-suk founded YG Entertainment Inc. in 1996 as a South Korean entertainment agency. The firm is a record label, talent agency, music production company, event management and concert production company, as well as a music publishing house.

YG Entertainment is a lot more innovative, edgy, and avant-garde, and they are recognized for their rapping and charm. As irritating as their public relations tactics are, they do keep supporters on their toes by allegedly lowering beauty standards. Idols are quite highly compensated and receive clothing and other items from within the industry.

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