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Does body size matter in true love?

Do you sometimes wonder how some couple fall in love despite vast difference in their body size, or are you worried because you think you may never find true love? Does size really matter?

Faziz Ates, shared a nice piece which you may find very helpful.

Does body size matter in true love?

According to Faziz, yes, body size matters. This is because everyone has their own standards. Some like a bigger partner, some like a skinnier partner.

If you ask about overall average standard. It’s curvy, but healthy curvy. Meaning not overweight, little to no visible fat on the body. Or not soo skinny that you can see the bones of someone or that the person has no curves at all.

But again like 90% of people; we are not perfect. So we will ignore some ‘flaws’. But you will also get people who love the extremes. If you want a good group of people, you should be around the middle of the spectrum.

My bad I ignored a part of the question. True love isn’t only linked to personality. It is linked to your heart, but also to your attractiveness.

If you want the SEXUAL love. You need to be attractive as well. If you want the FAMİLY love + less intimate love. Then NO size doesn’t matter.

Saying, “If you would love me truely, you should accept me the way I am”. Isn’t correct. If you broke the criteria for why the person got with you in the first place.


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