Home Entertainment Katie Price was accused of harassing her ex-husband’s fiancee

Katie Price was accused of harassing her ex-husband’s fiancee


Katie Price has been charged by Michelle Penticost. Katie Price was accused of harassing her ex-husband’s fiancee.

Because of her relationship with her ex-husband, the 43-year-old British musician, according to the girl, is threatening her life.

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Katie is on a romantic getaway in Thailand with her boyfriend. 

Price, on the other hand, will face a restraining order violation trial in Crawley as soon as she arrives.

On January 21, the singer and model was detained for the first time for sending an insulting message to her ex-fiancee. husband’s 

After being questioned by the police, Katie spent the night in a cell.

The brawler broke the rule by sending Michelle an anonymous letter before going to Thailand. 

The anonymous letter was sent with Katie’s family’ cooperation, according to the authorities.

Michelle’s mother, who has five children, is unable to approach her after she insulted her on the playground in 2019. Violation of the injunction’s terms can result in a sentence of up to 5 years in jail.

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