Home Entertainment Drake bought mansion from Robbie Williams $10 million discount

Drake bought mansion from Robbie Williams $10 million discount


Drake bought mansion from Robbie Williams at a discount of $10 million.

A high-profile contract has been struck between a Canadian rapper and a British musician. Robbie Williams’ Drake home was sold for $10 million less than it was worth.

The home cost a total of $75 million to build. The Beverly Hills luxury villa is located in Los Angeles. The domain covers an area of 8 hectares. The estate is one of the largest in the city of Los Angeles. A parking lot, an 11-car garage, a large swimming pool, an outdoor kitchen, a tennis court, and many guest houses with all amenities are all located near the house.

The main two-story structure has seven bedrooms, thirteen bathrooms, multiple living areas, a dining room, a kitchen, a library, and a wine cellar. There is a gym and a game area in the house for fun. You can use the elevator down or up to the basement and floors for convenience.

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