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Meet Bryce Maximus James, LeBron’s youngest son [Bio, Age, Net Worth, Relationship & Facts]

Bryce Maximus James

One of the best NBA players in history is LeBron James. whose son is Bryce Maximus James.


Many onlookers have fantasies about what will happen to his two boys, Bronny James and Bryce Maximus James. Many people are curious about these two young teens’ possibilities of pursuing NBA careers like their father.

We’ll see, but for now it seems certain that Bryce Maximus, the taller of LeBron James’ two boys might hit the target.


Bryce Maximus James is 15 years. He was born on June 14, 2007, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, United States.

Net Worth

Cbgist estimates Bryce Maximus James has assets of about $1 million.


Bryce Maximus James completed Sierra Canyon High School in Los Angeles. He joined the school along then with his elder brother Bronny James.


According to Yebekagh database, Bryce is not in any relationship at the moment, at least not publicly.


  • Bryce Maximus James appears to be larger than his sibling Bronny James. Like his brother, he plays basketball and appears to have true talent.
  • His height at the age of 15 may indicate that he may eventually grow taller than his father, who is 6’9″. Bronny James appears to be longer than LeBron James, while Bryce Maximus has a physique that already looks to predestine him to be as huge as his father.
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