Rosario Dawson children: Meet Isabella Dawson her adopted daughter

Rosario Dawson children: Meet Isabella Dawson her adopted daughter

Rosario Dawson has clarified the name of her daughter after seven years of adoption. Contrary to previous reports, the teenager’s name is Isabella, not Lola. The actress addressed the name confusion in an interview on Parents magazine’s “We Are Family” podcast, where she shed light on her daughter’s true identity.

Rosario Dawson does not have any biological kids of her own, however Isabella Dawson is her only adopted daughter.

Meet Isabella Dawson, her adopted daughter

When Rosario Dawson first adopted her daughter, she didn’t publicly disclose her name. However, somewhere along the way, the name Lola started circulating, and it became a widely accepted assumption. Dawson refrained from correcting the misinformation, wanting to protect her daughter’s privacy. But as Isabella grew older, she expressed her discomfort with being called Lola, prompting Dawson to finally reveal the truth.

Isabella’s name, Isabella Dawson, carries a special significance. The name Isabella is a tribute to Dawson’s grandmother, who was named Isabel. Additionally, Dawson’s mother’s middle name is Isabel Celeste, and she herself goes by Rosario Isabel. The choice of Isabella honors their family lineage and creates a meaningful connection between generations.

Adopting an Older Child Rosario Dawson’s decision to adopt an older child was a deeply personal one. She had always wanted to provide a loving home for a child who was beyond their younger years. Adopting an older child presents unique challenges, as they have already experienced significant milestones and development. Dawson acknowledges that time flies by quickly when you get your child at the age of 11, and it’s an adjustment to suddenly be eye-level with them.

The Birth Mother’s Presence & Growth

Isabella’s birth mother had some early contact with her but then disappeared from her life. Although Isabella feels like an only child, she actually has several siblings. Dawson emphasizes the importance of Isabella focusing on herself, healing, and addressing any trauma or challenges she may face. This way, when the time comes for her to connect with her other family members, she will be open and ready for the experience.

Isabella’s presence in Rosario Dawson’s life has been transformative. The past couple of years have taught Dawson valuable lessons in self-care, therapy, and setting boundaries. Isabella’s commitment to healing herself has inspired Dawson to prioritize her own well-being and personal growth.

As Rosario Dawson continues to navigate motherhood alongside her partner, Cory Booker, she cherishes the opportunity to support Isabella in her journey of self-discovery. Together, they are building a strong foundation of love, understanding, and resilience.

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